Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Hands Hurt

I have been enjoying this "stay at home! save your money! read a book! create something!" phase. I started this year off completely stress & anxiety free. I definitely don't miss rude people, overpriced items, or senseless stress. Why should i let a low paying, never getting the attention I deserved job overpower my life and happiness? I shouldn't. That's why it's not. 1 point for me, 0 for the man. Anyway. My boyfriend has been making these amazing vegan dinners almost every night. I am so lucky. He never cooked for himself or anyone else and now we eat this deliciousness a few times a week!                                                                                           


I successfully made a cute collar that i am really excited about! (I'm finding a reason to wear it with everything) I tweaked it to make it my own, and it came out way better than i thought.

I started this month off reading Paint it Black by Janet Fitch and for the first few chapters i was practically forcing myself to read to the next chapter. The main character is a hard one to like, her thoughts followed by her actions, kinda disturbed me. I didn't like her nature to self medicate. But at the same time, i felt for her, she was an outcast who had a broken past. Dealing with her now, broken present and unknowing her future, which might be just as bad. I'm taking a break from reading it now. I'm almost finished with it, but it's yet to come to any conclusion, plus it was depressing the crap outta me.

I started reading The Fault in Our Stars and i read more then half of the book last night. It's a sweet book, I can see the ending of this book will be a sad one, I can't wait to finish it.

Also, i taught myself how to knit. With light saber chopsticks. I ended up buying real needles yesterday. Knitting is fun, but i'm bias.

xoxo asia

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Treat yourself and download this precious app. Thank me later. Just, go, do it now!

xoxo asia

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

what i've been up to:

As of lately, I've had a ton of free time on my hands and I've been taking advantage of it and i am loving every second of it!! Plus, i treated myself to a few things. =)

Photojojo!: A digital holga lens for my canon 350D and although i am still getting used to it, I am loving how some of my pictures are coming out! This is my second purchase from this website and I definitely recommend it and will continue to shop there. WAY reasonable shipping prices and options as well as just being a really fun site to just browse for hours on end!

*no editing besides rounding the corners!

Unique Photo: Film for my instax 50s mini and 320 land camera! I only buy my film using this site, it's the cheapest i can find each types of film, the only downside is the shipping prices. Usually more than the film it self =(

Thriftbooks: I have a hard time passing up a good deal (especially on books!) When my mom told me to check out a cool site for used books, I was pleasantly surprised! Most books start at $3.97 and there is free shipping on all orders! Almost all the books I've ordered are "Like New" and they arrive looking brand new! I gave myself a personal goal of reading 24 books this year, so I created a Goodreads account to keep it fun! And helps me save $$!

I ♥ my lil' creature collection!
you can peek at my "to read" list on my Goodreads profile!

Crochet: After searching all over the internet I found an easy pattern that I loved! After a bit of tweaking of the original pattern, I made this cutie.. 

xoxo Asia