Sunday, December 28, 2014

Crochet Sunday!

This year was the year I watched my first Hayao Miyazaki film! I watched Howl's Moving Castle first and I instantly fell in love with it! Howl's so cute,haha! I had a studio ghibli marathon that stretched the whole year! I followed with almost all of his other films. I've always seen Totoro things all over place and I thought he was always cute but never really understood it. After watching My Neighbor Totoro a few months back, I loved the movie, but my favorites will always be Howl's Moving Castle and The Secret World of Arrietty!! I was inspired by this big fluffy guy and was browsing around online and I came across this cute FREE crochet pattern!

Now mine came out different, longer than the pattern, which I liked, and I didn't have the fabric to line the inside as the patterns suggests. (which I now know is definitely a must!) But I'm so happy with how it came out, and I use this cutie all the time! Next I want to make a little spirit soot keychain! =)


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