Saturday, April 5, 2014


Meet my water babies! Strawberry and Rorschach!
I've had these little guys since august and they keep growing and growing!
Being a turtle mom is fun and different. I had NO idea how much work and money it takes to take care of turtles! They're tank needs to be cleaned every week, they need special lights and lamps,heaters and filter set ups and thermometer. But it's worth it, they are neat pets!

 Rorschach was the first one we got, it was a surprise for me from my boyfriend. He was a hatchling, still had his little white tip on his nose! He was SO small! Now he's a healthy, active dude! He loves to sunbathe on his cork raft, and to try to climb up the side of the tank to escape...he may or may not accomplished this...multiple times...

Strawberry soon followed, I didn't want Rorschach to grow up alone, so we got her from the same breeder. She's my sweet shy one. Always hiding from strangers, but occasionally peeking up to greet myself or my boyfriend.
I think she's actually a HE and much older than Rorschach. She is HUGE compared to him. We won't find out the sex of either till they are about 2 years old, but I think we got their sexes switched,haha!

a few weeks ago

xoxo asia

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