Friday, April 25, 2014

April Etsy Faves!

The Bride-giclée print
This Giclee print of The Bride by Stephanie Buscema
BioShock 'I Love You Mr. Bubbles' Minimalist Print, Minimalist Bioshock Video Game Print
I love you Mr.Bubbles
I really want a satchel purse! This one is adorable!
Kapp'n Necklace
Kapp'n necklace!
Batman Best Friend key chains in COPPER Friendship Personalized keychains
Best friend Batman keychain! 

ORIGINAL r2d2 Bow Earrings, Star Wars Jewelry, Star Wars Earrings, Star Wars, Blue Bow, Polka Dot Bows, LARGE
R2-D2 Earrings!
SAILOR MOON  bow white samsung galaxy S3 Red bow only
Sailor Moon S3 Case!
Batman rings, of course!

Fairy Kei Fantasy Inspired Sweet Harajuku Style Brown Rabbit Fur ball, swarovski pearls Iphone Dust Plug, Strap. Galaxy S2 S3 Ipod Ipad Dec
Phone tribbles are awesome too.

xoxo Asia

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  1. The batman ring is amazing!
    I also love the MR. Bubbles print :)