Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Hands Hurt

I have been enjoying this "stay at home! save your money! read a book! create something!" phase. I started this year off completely stress & anxiety free. I definitely don't miss rude people, overpriced items, or senseless stress. Why should i let a low paying, never getting the attention I deserved job overpower my life and happiness? I shouldn't. That's why it's not. 1 point for me, 0 for the man. Anyway. My boyfriend has been making these amazing vegan dinners almost every night. I am so lucky. He never cooked for himself or anyone else and now we eat this deliciousness a few times a week!                                                                                           


I successfully made a cute collar that i am really excited about! (I'm finding a reason to wear it with everything) I tweaked it to make it my own, and it came out way better than i thought.

I started this month off reading Paint it Black by Janet Fitch and for the first few chapters i was practically forcing myself to read to the next chapter. The main character is a hard one to like, her thoughts followed by her actions, kinda disturbed me. I didn't like her nature to self medicate. But at the same time, i felt for her, she was an outcast who had a broken past. Dealing with her now, broken present and unknowing her future, which might be just as bad. I'm taking a break from reading it now. I'm almost finished with it, but it's yet to come to any conclusion, plus it was depressing the crap outta me.

I started reading The Fault in Our Stars and i read more then half of the book last night. It's a sweet book, I can see the ending of this book will be a sad one, I can't wait to finish it.

Also, i taught myself how to knit. With light saber chopsticks. I ended up buying real needles yesterday. Knitting is fun, but i'm bias.

xoxo asia

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  1. That collar is pretty neat!
    You should sell them on etsy. I could buy a few from you ^_^