Friday, January 10, 2014


OK, my 2014 goals have been pushed aside because I've been playing Dead Island & Riptide religiously. I can't get enough of these two, I've beaten them each half a dozen times, with each character, and now i am finishing them up by completing EVERY achievement/hidden items i might of skipped. I've gotten each map memorized, it's a little weird. =3

Custom weapons, TONS of hidden extras, blueprints and endless quests. Also, it's effing gorgeous!!!

my fave character, Xian Mei! 


  1. I played this for a little and then got pulled away from boring real life stuff. (work) Xian Mei is awesome though. :)

  2. Also, have you played any Day Z? I want to get it and hopefully watch it grow.

    1. I haven't! i don't play a lot of pc games other than the sims, roller coaster tycoon, etc. If i started i'm afraid i'll never leave my house again x_x

    2. Haha. I know, but you just mentioned two of like the best and probably most addicting pc games! I love it!